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Complete Quote Customization

Each quote that we deliver to our clients is 100% customized for their specific situation, goals, and budget. We develop our quotes only after we have fully consulted with you in order to make recommendations and suggestions for optimal results with maximum affordability. We do not have pre-determined, or "package," quotes. This allows you, our client, to have full control over your project in terms of what services you opt for, the degree of service, which tasks are performed, and the overall cost of the project.

Our 100% customized quotes guarantee that you will never be forced to pay for services you may not need nor want.

Our rates are discounted by 35%-50% for non-profit organizations with a tax exempt ID!

Just a friendly reminder: Due to the complete customization of our quotes - please be prepared to allow us an appropriate amount of time to consult with you prior to providing you with a quote.

Professional Project Proposals and Project Scopes

Our standard protocol is to deliver quotes in the form of a Project Scope document. However, we also offer (and encourage) Professional Project Proposals for larger, more in-depth, projects. The difference between the two documents are outlined below. Your Project Manager can discuss both documents with you and help you choose which you would prefer!

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