Our Promise to You | 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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If you're not 100% satisfied, you don't pay!

If you are not happy with us during the design and development of your website and/or graphic design project, you will not owe us another cent, and any monies you have paid to us up to this point will be refunded to you. However, you will not receive any of the design work and/or files, and we will reserve all rights to the design and development (aside, of course, from any photographs, information, etc. that you have provided for use).

The legalese/fine print stuff: By accepting, approving, or confirming design proofs/compositions, development work, original/finalized files, or any other aspects (otherwise considered to be "progress") of your project, you express your satisfaction up to that point of the project and no refunds will be given for work carried out and/or services provided up to that point. We will refund/reimburse you for the remaining work on your project that has not been started or completed at the time that you request a refund. We can only refund labor charges in regards to web/graphic design and development services. If there are any service charges involved in transactions between us, you will receive a refund minus the transaction fees/service charges. No refunds will be issued for any dissatisfaction that may arise from doing business with our partners (such as digital printing partners) as our partners are their own individual entities, seperate from FFWD, and all issues must be directed at their specific entities. No refunds will be issued as a result of slow, or no, progress being made on a project if the client is the party responsible for the slow progress or lack of progress. No refunds will be issued for services that are result based when there are outside factors out of our control involved that contribute to, or direct, the results. These services include, but are not limited to: marketing, promotion, advertising, SEO/SEM, business consulting, and other non-design/non-development services.