Pet Industry SEO & Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common questions our clients ask us are:

What is Search Engine Optimization and does my business require it?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very focused and specialized aspect of Search Engine Marketing (more on this below) that is tailored towards your particular niche and budget with the goal of increasing your relationships with the search engines in terms of achieving positive placement and rankings within the engines based on your business' targeted keywords and keyphrases.

Yes, all pet businesses who wish to be successful online require SEO. Being successful online means: A) Your website can be found easily within the search engines (within the first 3 pages in most cases), B) Your website can be found within those first 3 pages for well targeted and beneficial keywords and keyphrases, C) Your website is designed, developed, and structured to immediately hold your visitors' attention and encourage lengthy browsing patterns, D) Your website's web copy and content is created to encourage your visitors to take some form of action, and E) Your visitors actually take some form of action.

What is Search Engine Marketing and does my business require it?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a form of Internet Marketing, Web Marketing, or Online Marketing that is tailored towards your particular niche and budget with the goal of increasing your businesses' exposure on the Internet and within the Search Engines. SEM can be composed of 15-20 different elements including: Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Linking Campaigns, social marketing, paid advertising opportunities on relevant and high quality websites, and PR Campaigns.

No, all pet businesses do not require SEM. SEM, however, can carry tremendous benefits and reap wonderful results for pet businesses who focus on the retail industry, are product designers or manufacturers, and those who aim to create a "lifestyle" or "major brand" around their company and/or products.

How long will it take before I rank better or see results?

In most cases, results can begin to be seen within two weeks. However, we've seen results start to take shape as soon as 1-3 days and as long as 4-8 weeks. The age of your website, the condition of your website, any previous or current penalties imposed on your website by the search engines, and your level of competition are the biggest factors in the amount of time it takes to see results.

Does FFWD guarantee or promise me certain results?

No, absolutely not and anyone who does is not a professional and ethical SEO company.

The only folks who can guarantee or promise you specific results within the search engines are the search engines themselves as they are the only entities who can ultimately control placement and ranking. A professional and ethical SEO firm can propose expected results based on experience, research, competition, and chosen keywords and keyphrases - but will not, and can not, guarantee or promise certain results.

"But, I've been approached by a company who can guarantee me top 5 rankings within Google for $1000 or my money back!" Ah, yes, these shady companies are everywhere! Please be careful before you hand your hard-earned money over to these companies. They guarantee top 5 rankings because they use very long keyphrases and overly specific keyphrases that have absolutely no competition and are never actually used by search engine users - thus top 5 placement is guaranteed! But, if your targeted customers never use these search terms - what good is your top 5 placement?

How much will this cost me?

The costs associated with SEM and SEO are dependent upon several factors, including: your specific niche market, your demographics and target audience, your level of competition, and your current and future goals.

For example, a pet sitting business wishing to target customers locally and achieve top 3 placement is going to require much, much less than a pet retailer wishing to target the entire country and achieve 1st page placement.

As with all of our services, we completely customize our SEO and SEM services on a client by client basis only after initial discussions with the client and initial complimentary research prior to presenting the client with a cost based plan of action.

Why are these types of services so expensive?

When you look at it from a return on investment (ROI) perspective, the costs can actually be extremely minimal. But, more on that below.

The reason why the costs associated with SEM and SEO services seem so high is because there is an exceptional amount of time and effort that your firm is investing into performing these services for your company. With a professional and legitimate firm, you are also paying for their skills, knowledge, and education, experience, expertise, and successful track record.

Can we do the work in phases to work within my budget?

Yes, of course! Although there are certain aspects of SEO and SEM that should be completed all at once in order to provide optimal, and quickest, results - we will be more than happy to work with you to establish and follow a plan of action that fits within your budget while making it as beneficial as possible.

I just can't afford it or I just don't think it's worth it!

The costs involved in SEO and SEM can indeed seem expensive - especially when the cost is being considered by a new startup company with a limited budget. But, when you view the costs while factoring in the potential of such a high return on investment (ROI), it helps keep things in check and really demonstrates the ultimate value that you're receiving.

FOR EXAMPLE, let's use a simple pet sitting company as an example of how SEO alone can offer tremendous ROI and value:

For the sake of our example to keep things simple, let's just say that "simple pet sitting company" has an SEO budget of $525. In the course of just one year, thanks to SEO, only 35 new clients find their website through the search engines. Obviously, 35 is a ridiculously low number - but it's easy for the sake of our example here. Now, these 35 clients only hire "simple pet sitting company" ONE TIME - and only for ONE VISIT - and they're never heard from again. Obviously, this too is unlikely since most pet sitting companies have a 75%-95% return customer rate.

However, at "simple pet sitting company's" standard rate of $15/visit - they've already recooped their SEO investment by earning back their $525.

Let's go one step further! Let's say that these 35 new clients hire "simple pet sitting company" for TWO VISITS over the course of the year - and are never heard from again (of course, not likely!). Now "simple pet sitting company" has earned $1050 - they've just DOUBLED their SEO investment.

Now going even one step further! These 35 new clients each refer just ONE new client to "simple pet sitting company" over the course of a year. They've now gained 70 new clients within the year. These 35 new referrals only hire "simple pet sitting company" for just TWO VISITS within the entire year. That's now $2100!

Our "simple pet sitting company" has quadrupled their investment!

Based on your company's particular services, products, and pricing - what do YOU think SEO could do for YOUR BUSINESS? Let us help you find out!

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