Pet Web Hosting & Pet Domain Name Registration

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Pet Web Hosting
Extremely affordable pet website hosting options for pet businesses

Once your website design is completed, it’s time to publish it on the internet so others can see it. Website hosting is exactly what it sounds like; a company hosts your site on the internet. It has been described to un-savvy internet users as being similar to paying rent or renting a room at a hotel (just for a really, really long stay).

When shopping for hosting companies, you must keep in mind that this is a very important decision. What’s the point of having an awesome website if your hosting company can’t make it available at all times or if they’re charging you an arm and a leg for their services? You want a hosting company that balances affordability, excellent "up-time," and beneficial services.

At Furry Friends Web Design we’re confident that you won’t find better hosting deals anywhere else (by all means, we urge you to try!) Our hosting company maintains a 99.9% up-time which means that there’s a .01% chance that your website can be unavailable at a time due to internal maintenance. No matter the size of your business, your project, or your website—our pet website hosting options will be a sure fit!

Our pet web hosting features and benefits:

  • Customized storage space

  • Customized transfer volume

  • STRESS FREE set up and configuration - we do it for you!

  • Professional monitoring

  • FREE domain based e-mail addresses

  • 100% Green Technology to protect our environment

  • 99.99% up-time to keep your site available

  • FREE monthly backups to keep your site safe

  • Professional branding for the pet industry

What does that mean for you?:

It's simple. When you cut through the technical terminology, it means that we actively monitor each of our client's hosting accounts to ensure they always have enough room and allowances to keep their site live online and functioning at top-level. It means that we'll set up and configure your account for you so that you'll never even have to log into your hosting account if you choose not to! It means that our clients will have their own domain based e-mail addresses ( to round off their professionalism. It means that our hosting uses 100% green techology to keep our environment and all the critters in it safe. It means we back up your site data once per month to keep it safe. And, last but not least, it means that our clients' will have a professional reputation in the pet industry hosting their site with Furry Friends Web Design!

Pet website hosting prices. $15 per month, $86 every 3 months, $162 per year (with New Client discounts applied). The most competitive Pet Web Hosting in the professional pet industry!

Contact us today for more info or to purchase pet website hosting!

Domain Names & Domain Registration for the Pet Industry

Along with our exceptional pet web hosting also comes pet industry domain name registrations. Your domain name is the URL or web address of your website ( Domain names must be purchased for use and will need to be renewed every 1, 2, or 3 years to keep them active and owned by you.

Choosing a domain name shouldn't be taken lightly. There are several important factors that must go into your decision making process before you can make the best choice for your business. If you are new this sort've thing and want the absolute best for your business, don't hesitate to contact us so we can help you make the most knowledgeable choice.

Affordable domain registrations for professionals in the pet industry at $15 per year!

Contact us today for more info or to purchase a domain name!