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Pet Web Templates
An Affordable Website Solution at Your Fingertips

Pet web templates, or pet website web templates, make a really great option available to pet businesses who can't afford professional, customized pet web design and hand coded customized web development. We'd love to tell you a bit more about what exactly web templates are, when you may want to consider using them, and how to go about using them so that you'll be better able to make a decision for your own business.

NOTE: We do not offer free support for our pet web templates.

We offer customization of the templates and will set them up for you on your hosting account for a fee (see below), but we do not offer free tech support due to the extremely low cost of the templates. Be sure that you read the "Software Requirements" for the particular template that you are interested in before you purchase it. We also recommend that you download any of our "sample tempates" to experiment with them prior to making a template purchase. The sample template download link can be found on each template's page.

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What exactly are pet website templates?

They are pre-designed website layouts that have been specifically designed to be suited for particular niches, or businesses, within the pet industry. Our templates are professionally designed by graphic artists who specialize in designing for the web; each of our templates are visually absorbing and aesthetically pleasing.

Do you have pet templates for my specific niche?
What about for retail and eCommerce?

Absolutely! We have web templates for pet sitters, groomers, doggie day cares and other pet care businesses, veterinarians and health clinics, pet information sites and community portals, and definitely retail/eCommerce! We have templates for specific eCommerce solutions as well such as osCommerce, ZenCart, and the like - as well as templates for CMS systems such as Joomla! and Drupal.

Check out our entire pet web template catalog to see what we have in stock!

When should I consider using a pet web template?
What are the pros and cons?

Start-up businesses on an extremely tight budget may want to entertain the option of web templates vs. professional, customized design and development. Although pre-designed web templates can't EVER compare to customized design/development in terms of features, benefits, results, and return on investment - in some cases, a start-up petrepreneur just has no other option - their budget simply cannot stretch.

Pros and cons of using pet website templates for your pet business

Wait, why won't my website be unique?
And, what are "exclusivity rights" or "buyout price"?

Remember, templates are pre-designed website layouts. They were not designed for a specific person or a specific business, but for the type of industry in general (in our case, the pet industry). Web templates are available for purchase to anyone and everyone who is interested in them - which means that there are many, many other people who are using the exact same template.

Exclusivity Rights grant you exclusive ownership of the template. While the people who have purchased it PRIOR to you can still use it, exclusivity rights ensure that you will be the last person to purchase the template. The low cost that you pay to purchase a template grants you the right to use it - whereas the cost to own exclusive rights through the "buyout price"grants you ownership of the template.

Check out our entire pet web template catalog to see what we have in stock!

What do I need to be able to customize my template?

It would depend on the type of template you purchase (HTML/CSS, Flash, etc.). In most cases, customization requires the use of design/development software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, so on and so forth. Each specific template details which software is required for customization (to the right of template's image under "Software Required"). Obviously, you will also need experience using these software titles in order to customize the template properly.

I really want a template but can't customize it myself!

We can customize your template for you! Our staff would be more than happy to customize your template by adding your logo, changing colors, adjusting the layout, writing or re-writing the code for clean development, replacing the template's text content with your own text content, replacing or adding images, optimizing your template and new site for search engines, and on it goes! We can even configure your template for our Content Management System (CMS) to allow you the ability to maintain your new templated website without any knowledge or experience!

Contact us for more information and cost estimates on template customizations!

Check out our entire pet web template catalog to see what we have in stock!