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Social Marketing for the Pet Industry

Let's face it. The public is tired of traditional marketing gimmicks.

No one cares anymore about Lycopene or night-time toothpastes. They have realized that marketers are blurring the lines of false advertising. It has become "acceptable" in traditional marketing to use black hat tactics such as construing words to give impressions about a product that may or may not be true. Does anyone really even know what L. Casei Immunitas is? But to traditional marketers, it doesn't matter. If it sounds cool enough or techy enough then they think it will entice people to buy because it sounds better than just plain yogurt.

All of these tricks and gimmicks have caused the public to turn back to the public to get information about companies, products, services, etc.

Ever called your best friend to ask where they purchase their dog's cute clothing or to see if they tried that new pet food or that new flea bath? Well, the same thing is happening on the web - and it's happening globally. Nearly every major metropolitan city in the USA has a site devoted to finding good restaurants, good hotels, etc. with input from the general public - not marketers.

Remember hearing, "Word of mouth is the best advertising possible"? That's exactly what Social Marketing is...except it's on a global scale and it happens instantly across multiple channels and avenues with one fell swoop.

"But, my business isn't social!" Guess what? It doesn't matter!

It simply doesn't matter if your business is a social business, information business, service business, or a retail/ecommerce business. The rest of the world is social and this is what benefits you.

The foundation of social marketing is providing valuable, usable information in the form of industry related content. This content is used to create a web presence and authority in a niche that keeps readers and recipients looking to you for more. Content can be in the form of social networking, video, blog posts, podcasts and more. As long as it has value and can be spread virally, the sky is the limit.

Aside from the foundation, there is the bricks and mortar - your brand. All this content gives you the opportunity to spread your brand right along with it, thus not only making you a go to resource for information, but when the time arises for products or services as well (which ideally readers and customers are spreading to their online friends en masse).

All in all social, marketing is about value, real-ness, and actually providing site visitors with something they can take with them (even if it isn't a product or service at that time) so that they come back for more. And it is what will separate you from your competition who doesn't believe that the customer is the crux of business.

What Can Social Marketing REALLY Do for My Pet Business?

Here are 10 no-nonsense benefits of Social Marketing:

Isn't it time to find out for yourself your true online potential?

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