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Pet business advertising; we offer advertising for pet businesses.  General pet marketing or pet product marketing included. It doesn’t matter if your pet business is new or old, big or small—we’re offering pet business advertising to you—YES, YOU!—to reach thousands of pet lovers! Our advertising for pet businesses is the perfect supplement to your advertising and marketing efforts. Whether you’re looking for general pet marketing or more specific pet product marketing, we’re confident that you’ll enjoy the rates and benefits available when you advertise with us!

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Why Market Your Pet Business with Us?

  1. Roughly 96% of our visitors are pet business owners—and 100% of our visitors are pet lovers and pet parents. Due to the fact that the majority of our pages are full of information that is of interest to nearly every single visitor we receive, our website is browsed extensively by the majority of our visitors—something we are very, very proud of.
  2. We advertise our own business heavily through several different venues including: pet magazines and pet business magazines, banner advertising on pet websites and pet business websites, and all major search engines including Google and Yahoo. We have first page placement on both Google and Yahoo for all of our targeting keywords. What does all of this mean for you?? It’s simple—the more people that see us, the more people that see you!
  3. Most importantly, we want to see the pet industry flourish—and we feel one of the great ways to make this happen is to offer networking for pet businesses. What this means is that we’re not looking for the corporate big boy advertisers, we’re looking for the small business advertisers! Our client base and site visitors include: pet care, groomers, trainers, sitters, walkers, breeders, kennels, product designers, product manufacturers, retailers and ecommerce, wholesale, and everything in between! We’re keeping our advertising rates LOW, LOW, LOW while giving our advertisers the sort of marketing and networking that they deserve!
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Pet Marketing & Pet Product Marketing—Benefits

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Pet Marketing & Pet Product Marketing—Rates