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Pet Business - Startup and Management

Pet Industry Retailers - Networking, Idea Exchange, Peer Support

PIR was founded to provide an easy and effective way for independent pet retailers to network with other business owners, discuss products and vendors, exchange merchandse, share business ideas and provide moral support to each other. Through the strength of their numbers, PIR is able to leverage special discounts for its members from wholesalers. MEMBERSHIP IS FREE! Tell Susie at Pet Industry Retailers that Furry Friends Web Design sent you!

Need forms for your pet business?

Business Forms Store, owned and operated by Stacy Hansen, a Petrepreneur and good friend of ours, offers full and complete business form packages for pet sitters, dog walkers, boarding/kennel facilities, doggie day cares, pet taxi services, pet waste removal, aquarium maintenance, groomers, pet photographers, dog trainers, and more! Tell Stacy at Business Forms Store that Furry Friends Web Design sent you!

Training DVDs, eBooks, and Free Courses

For start-up and seasoned Petrepreneurs alike, My Pet Business is a sound and reliable source of information for several branches of pet business including pet sitting, doggie day care, pet bakeries, and more! Tell Molly at My Pet Business that Furry Friends Web Design sent you!

Business Cards, Brochures, Postcards, and more! CHEAP!

Thanks to our partnership with our favorite printing partner, our clients are entitled to receive 30% to 60% OFF All Products! Now that can’t be beat! Our graphic artists can even custom design your advertising/marketing materials for you especially for this printing company!

Design Your Own Business Shirts!

Perfect for pet sitters, groomers, and other Petrepreneurs where you meet face to face with clients on a daily basis, designing custom shirts for your business gives you the professional look you’re after!

Promotional Products GALORE for Your Business!

Save $50 on promotional products—ANY kind of promo product you could think of! Get your name and logo out there for all to see! Promo products are excellent to pass out to your current clients as a "thank you" gift for their business!

1-800 and 1-888 Phone Numbers for Your Business!

Nothing says "professional" like having your own toll-free number! Don’t even think about getting a toll-free number from your local phone company, now makes it easy and unbelievably affordable for every business and every budget!

Receive/Send Faxes—No Machine, No Second Phone Line!

You don’t need a fax machine, or have to pay for long-distance fax charges, and there’s no need for a second phone line! Try RapidFAX Free for 30 Days!

The Cheapest Ink Cartridges at the Highest Quality!

Business owners know just how much ink can be used with all the flyers, invoices, receipts, letters, paperwork and everything else under the sun to be printed! Make it easy on your bank account by getting quality ink cartridges for up to 80% off!

The BEST Credit Card for Small Businesses!

American Express offers some of the absolute best credit cards specifically for small businesses. Don’t trust your business finances to just anyone, check out American Express – Open for Business.